Candystripe champ

Join the Indiana Daily Student, as we celebrate board games, by embarking on a Hoosier-themed adventure. Brave all-nighters at Wells and 8 a.m. treks through snow to prove yourself a champion as you make your way to graduation.


1. Choose your game piece.
2. Roll the die and scroll accordingly.
3. If you land on a red square, roll again.
4. If you land on a white square, follow its instructions.
5. Roll the die again and continue until you reach the end.

Choose your player

Herman B Wells

This former IU president made the University into the diverse center for arts and culture it is today. But he’s not one to mess around with. The “B” is Herman B Wells probably stands for bulldozer because he will bulldoze down anyone who gets in the way of him winning this game.


This friendly campus squirrel may look cute and fluffy, but don’t be fooled. With its sharp claws, powerful tail and swift agility, this squirrel will go nuts if you try to take away its chance at a win.

Hoagy Carmichael

This Bloomington-born composer, pianist, singer and actor may not seem intimidating, but his soothing lullabies will knock out his foes in one note.

Mark Cuban

If you’re in the Kelley School of Business or have spent more than two minutes with a Kelley kid, you know about this IU alum and business tycoon. And he’s going to rake in the cash, win this game and throw his opponents to the sharks.

Pizza X breadstick

A breadstick is a powerful warrior indeed. Don’t fall to the power of the siren call of soft, warm carbs. The minute you let your guard down will be your end.

Ernie Pyle

This iconic journalist and IU alum isn’t afraid of war, and he’s not afraid of you. They say the strongest weapon you can wield is your words, and Ernie wields them with style — AP style, that is.

Start game

You put your legs up against the multicolor lights outside the Eskenazi Museum of Art and check off an IU bucket list item. Move up three spaces.

You go to a campus gym or recreational center, move up three spaces and bask in the jealousy of your lethargic peers.

It was a nice day, so you decided to put your hammock over Jordan River. But you fell in. Move that soggy butt back three spaces.

You catch a performance at the IU Auditorium. Move up one space and enjoy the show.

You forgot to buy a Christmas tree and tried to cut one down from Dunn's Woods instead — until the police found you. Move back three spaces.

You skipped class for Little 500 and missed a pop quiz. Go back five spaces and hope there's extra credit later.

You hike through snow and freezing temperatures to get to an 8 a.m. class. Move up five spaces and continue being a model student.

You stuck your hand into a Venus flytrap at the Jordan Hall Greenhouse. But it never came out. Go back three spaces.

You set your alarm for 9 p.m., not 9 a.m., and now you’ve missed your final. Move back nine spaces and frantically email your professor.

You got to pet a dog, the goodest dog you’ve ever seen, while on the way to class. All is well in the world. Move up three spaces.

You pull an all-nighter at Wells. Move up five spaces, you poor, sleep-deprived shell of a human.

The plague has come. Your entire dorm is sick, and you're next. Move back five spaces and grab some tissues.

You tried to steal a giant fish sculpture from Showalter Fountain but got caught. Move back five spaces and make better life decisions.

You’re almost at graduation, but realize you forgot to take public oral communication. Go back 11 spaces, you poor Soul.

Congrats, grad
Share your win

You’ve braved impossible deadlines, all-nighters and an endless slew of papers. But you made it. Now it’s time to venture out into the real world. Good luck, champ.