Until Election Day

Written by Carson TerBush and Emily Isaacman

Web development by Sam Shi

Illustrations by Carson TerBush

Voting is confusing. If you’re a college student or Monroe County resident, this quiz will help you register and plan how you’ll submit your ballot for the November election.

When deciding whether to vote in person or by mail, you’ll have to weigh concerns related to contracting or spreading the coronavirus against potential delays with the U.S. Postal Service.

College students have another layer of decisions to make — they can register to vote for candidates at their home or school address.

Each state determines its own voting rules. COVID-19 has changed the way many states are running their elections.

Some state election officials are mailing every registered voter a ballot in an effort to ease COVID-19 concerns. Indiana is not one of those states.

Indiana technically offers absentee voting, not mail-in voting, but the terms can be used interchangeably. Both involve sending in a ballot through mail.

Not everyone can vote absentee by mail here, though. Indiana is one of just six states that requires voters to fulfill one of 11 excuses in order to successfully request an absentee ballot.

Take this quiz as many times as you’d like to determine the safest, most effective way for you to vote this year. We want you to feel confident your ballot will be counted.

And remember: Election Day is days away!

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