Scenes from Bloomington Pridefest 2022 on Kirkwood

Drag artist Sanatana Sword poses by the Pridefest sign Aug. 27. Sword was one of the performers at Pridefest this year.

Students from Bloomington High School North attend Pridefest Aug. 27. People of all ages enjoyed the festivities.

People pose for a picture in front of a big Pridefest sign Aug. 27. The sign was a hotspot for those taking pictures at the event.

Drag artist Lavendar Rose performs on stage Aug. 27. Most of the artists went with a traditional drag show performance of dancing to an upbeat song, but Rose took a more avant-garde approach as they danced to a slower, instrumental song.

A festival volunteer walks through the crowd collecting tips for the performers Aug. 27. Crowd members continuously donated to the performers throughout the night.

Pridefest attendees stand in line for popsicles Aug. 27. Some people wore their respective flags as capes, while many others had clothing items or accessories that were rainbow colored.

Festivalgoers walk down Kirkwood Avenue during Bloomington Pridefest on Aug 27. Booths lined the street and included tents ranging from religious organizations to T-shirt stores.

Drag artist Irregular Girl performs on stage Aug. 27. She was one of the final performers during the 7:30 p.m. show.