After his new contract with an average annual pay of $3.9 million, IU head football coach Tom Allen will be IU's highest paid employee.

The IDS wanted to run the numbers on that.

What's Tom Allen worth?

Reporting by Annie Aguiar and Colin Kulpa | Graphics by Annie Aguiar | Development by Jacob deCastro

205 stipends for graduate instructors

Almost three times the salaries of all IU Campus Bus employees


178 years of in-state tuition

53 years of out-of-state tuition

IU President Michael McRobbie's salary, six times


48,750,000 black and white pages from an IU printer

. . .which would stretch end-to-end three times longer than the Great Wall of China. . .

. . .or 1.1 times the diameter of Earth


255,737 large 16” traditional pepperoni pizzas from Pizza X

(One pizza below = 2,500 pizzas)

Enough to give $74.10 to everyone in Memorial Stadium at capacity

To put this all in perspective, Allen is only the 11th highest paid coach in the Big Ten.

(University of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh makes $7.5 million per year)

Since you've started reading this, Allen has made


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