Granfalloon Fest 2023

Developed : Rahul Suresh Ubale ,Photographed : Madison Herman , Edited : Zuzanna Kukawska

Indiana Daily Student

Let's Go!

Wayne Coyne

of The Flaming Lips emerges illuminated in the stage lights of Granfalloon's final main stage performace, June 10, 2023. Although much of their stage presence was focused around balloons, The Flaming Lips’ prominent sound was the real source of energy at the Granfalloon grand finale.

Seen Up Close

Wayne Coyne is seen up close at the main stage concert of the Granfalloon, June 10, 2023. The Flaming Lips formed in Oklahoma City in 1983 with Coyne on guitar, his brother Mark singing lead vocals, Michael Ivins on bass and Dave Kotska on drums.

The Flaming Lips

takes the stage at 2023’s Granfalloon festival, June 10, 2023. The Grammy Award-winning band brought an electric energy to the main stage concert.

Steve Drozd

of The Flaming Lips is seen in the spotlight of the Granfalloon festival, June 10, 2023, on the main stage on Kirkwood Avenue. Drozd juggles the roles of composer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter for the band.

Confetti falls

at the final performance of Granfalloon, June 10, 2023, on the Kirkwood Avenue main stage. The Flaming Lips were joined by 81355 and MICHELLE for the final performance.

Wayne Coyne points

to the audience during his performance on the main stage, June 10, 2023, on Kirkwood Avenue. Throughout the show, balloons, such as those referencing the band’s 2002 album “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots,” dominated the stage.

The Granfalloon stage

is prepared for its final performance of the night, June 10, 2023. The Flaming Lips put on a performance decked out in pink for Granfalloon, with matching pink streamers and inflatables to fit the theme.

Attendees of Granfalloon

wait for the final performance to begin, June 10, 2023. Even during intermission, the streets were packed with energy in anticipation of the artists.

A group of Granfalloon attendees

pose on Kirkwood Avenue, June 10, 2023. In between performances, there was still plenty for concertgoers to experience.

The afternoon sun shines

on Kirkwood Avenue, June 10, 2023, where crowds gather around tents and booths at the Granfalloon festival. Further down the road from the main stage concert, the Bloomington Handmade Market showcased the works of various indie artists from the Midwest.

A large puppet of author

Kurt Vonnegut Jr. interacts with festival attendees, June 10, 2023. Vonnegut, a former Indiana resident, is the primary inspiration behind the Granfalloon celebration.

An Upland Brewing booth

is seen surrounded by crowds June 10, 2023, at the Granfalloon festival. Upland was one of many local businesses on display at the festival.


is seen at the second main stage performance of Granfalloon, June 10, 2023. The group captivated the audience with their harmonic vocals and lively choreography.

Jamee Lockard

one of six members of MICHELLE, is seen at the second main stage performance of Granfalloon, June 10, 2023. The indie-pop collective celebrates people of color and queer voices, with a range of writing and production styles among the six members.

The Granfalloon grounds

are photographed June 10, 2023, on Kirkwood Avenue. While the festival continued with the Writers’ Conference and a discussion on Vonnegut’s “Player Piano,” the last large public performances wrapped up the festival for many.

Attendees of Granfalloon enjoy

drinks provided by vendors, June 10, 2023. Various tents around Kirkwood Avenue proved to be popular among concertgoers, who enjoyed refreshments such as drinks and popsicles to combat the summer heat.

81355, a numeronym for “BLESS,”

kicks off the Granfalloon main stage concert, June 10, 2023. Their performance brought an energy to the crowd that carried through the rest of the concert.

Oreo Jones of 81355 (BLESS)

is seen close up during the group's performance June 10, 2023. The Indianapolis-founded hip-hop trio consists of Jones, Sirus Blvck and DMA.

Sirius Blvck of 81355 (BLESS)

performs on the main stage, June 10, 2023. The group stepped in to fill the place of Arrested Development when the group cancelled last minute due to illness.

A crowd gathers

at the performance of 81355 (BLESS) June 10, 2023, in front of the main stage. 81355, MICHELLE and The Flaming Lips wrapped up the festival with a collaborative grand finale.