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Tristan Jackson

FBI opens investigation into Vauhxx Booker’s attack

The case will be investigated as a hate crime, Booker's attorney said.

Police have not yet found driver who hit protesters due to invalid address on registration

A woman driving a 2015 red Toyota Corolla hit two protesters Monday night.

Car hits two protesters at Black Lives Matter protest following Vauhxx Booker's attack

A friend started a GoFundMe page for the woman taken to the hospital.

‘I didn’t want to be another hashtag’: Vauhxx Booker attacked at Lake Monroe on Saturday

The Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the encounter.

Arrest at Monroe Lake spurs IU football players to voice concern over racial profiling

Defensive back Bryant Fitzgerald and other IU athletes expressed frustrations on Twitter.

IU students, faculty want Jordan’s name off IU’s campus

A letter to IU administrators by members of the biology department called for Jordan Hall to be renamed.

Black small businesses, artists, community celebrated at Dunn Meadow on Friday

Organizers aim to keep activist momentum going following the protests.


IU students raise tens of thousands of dollars for various causes after George Floyd's death

Money has gone to bail funds, memorials and a local community center.

Sheriff enforces eviction of courthouse late Tuesday night; no arrests made

Around 100 protesters showed up to protest the eviction.

“I am tired, but I am not broken”: Student-organized protest draws thousands

The protest remained peaceful, and there was no heavy police presence.

Two cars reportedly hit protester in Sunday night protest

The man received medical attention but was not transported to the hospital.

Bloomington protests continue Monday night with downtown march

A truck with Trump flags drove through the crowd, and the driver reportedly brandished a gun.

Indianapolis protest started peacefully, escalated quickly

One person was shot and killed and at least two others were shot, according to IndyStar.

Bloomington Black artists combine creativity, advocacy

Three local artists discuss the intersection of their work, lives and recent anti-police brutality protests.


Athletic director Scott Dolson contacts staff amid racial tensions in Bloomington

"I condemn these events of racial violence and racial profiling in the strongest terms,” Dolson said.

‘I can’t be silent’: The unwavering voice of Angel Escobedo

Escobedo's experiences spurred him to speak out against injustice.

IU athletics community voices support for George Floyd

Many coaches and players have shared thoughts on social media.

The ACLU is suing Indianapolis over tear gas use. Others should follow suit.

Police shouldn’t be allowed to use tear gas and other chemical weapons.

IU’s historic protests are worth revisiting right now

Aspects of these protests affect our campus lives to this day.

Teach your children empathy so theirs don’t have to learn fear

The freedom to choose what to teach your children is a white parent’s greatest privilege.


Carmel, Ind., should use wealth to fight racism, not sue Minneapolis

An open letter to my wealthy, majority-white and sometimes oblivious hometown.

Tear gas is worse than you think

Banned in war, but safe at home?

We need police reform now. Here's how we can do it.

If we want lasting change, let's support tangible policies to prevent police violence.

IUPD needs a police accountability board

Tensions between police departments and people of color prove a police accountability board is necessary.

No, antifa isn’t a terrorist organization

Designating it as one is completely detached from reality.

Stop quoting Martin Luther King Jr. only when it’s convenient

Let’s respect and remember all of the civil rights leader’s beliefs and ideas.

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