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How Little 500 affects local businesses

Published Apr 20, 2023

Little 500, the largest collegiate bike race in the U.S., has been called “The World’s Greatest College Weekend” and brings more than 25,000 people to Bloomington each year.

Hotel options for Little 500 weekend

Published Apr 20, 2023

For those who need a place to crash each night, there are several hotels in Bloomington close to locations such as College Mall and Kirkwood Avenue — so even if you’re not a townie, you’ll have everything you need to have a successful Little 500 weekend.


Tips to celebrate Little 500 weekend

Published Apr 20, 2023

With the World’s Greatest College Weekend just days away, students are in the midst of celebrating and honoring the Little 500 tradition.

Tips and tricks to stay safe during Little 500

Published Apr 20, 2023

The popular party week leading up to Little 500 is finally here. Here are some ways to stay safe while having fun.

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