Meet the Monroe County candidates for

Local and executive Indiana state office

In preparation for Election Day on Nov. 8, the Indiana Daily Student reached out to 30 candidates running for Bloomington, Monroe County or executive state of Indiana office to allow them to introduce themselves to voters.

Out of those 30 candidates, 13 responded to our outreach. Information for those who did not was compiled from official or candidate-affiliated sources. Responses were edited for length, clarity and style.


Secretary of State

The Secretary of State is the third-highest ranking official in state government and has existed since the Indiana Constitution was written. Duties have historically included maintenance of state records and preservation of the state seal, but have expanded to include business chartering, regulation of the securities industry and oversight of state elections, according to the SOS’s website.

State Auditor

The Auditor of State’s office is responsible for the Indiana state government’s accounting. The Auditor him or herself is responsible for accounting for all state funds, overseeing and disbursing tax distributions, paying state bills and employees and administering Indiana’s Deferred Compensation Plan, according to the Auditor’s website.


Treasurer of State

The Treasurer of State is one of five constitutional offices and is the fifth-highest ranking statewide government official. The Treasurer serves as trustee for the Indiana State Police Pension Trust, chair of the Indiana Education Savings Authority and manager for local government investment pool TrustINdiana, according to the Treasurer’s website.

Bloomington Township Trustee

The Bloomington Township Trustee is the executive branch of the Bloomington township and is responsible for managing township property, receiving and paying out township funds, administering assistance and filing annual financial and personnel reports, among others.

Bloomington Township Board Member

The Township Board is the legislative body of the Bloomington Township. Township Board members approve the township budget, tax rate, Trustee report, appropriations and borrowing of money, according to the Benton Township Trustee’s website. Board members also advise the Township Trustee on general matters.


Monroe County Council

The County Council approves and appropriates funding, adopts the county budget and sets tax rates, according to E.thePeople’s voter guide.

District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4


Monroe County Commissioner, District 1

The Board of Commissioners has a wide range of authority. According to the Monroe County government’s website, their powers include auditing and authorizing claims against the county, maintaining and supervising county property, supervising construction and maintenance of county infrastructure and exercising appointive powers, among others. Departments directly under the commissioner’s authority include the Building Department, the Legal Department, the Monroe County Highway Department and the Veterans’ Affairs Department.

Monroe County Sheriff

The Sheriff is responsible for providing law enforcement and correctional services to Monroe County. They ensure courts function safely and securely, which includes inmate transportation, criminal record maintenance and fugitive apprehension, according to the Monroe County government’s website. The Sheriff’s office also shares resources with a variety of different law enforcement and community groups.

Monroe County Recorder

The first local office created by the Indiana Constitution, the Recorder is responsible for processing and recording documents submitted for record and for maintaining those records, according to the Monroe County Government’s website.

Monroe County Assessor

The Monroe County Assessor maintains property records, consisting of property characteristics and the property’s assessed value, for all townships, according to the Monroe County government’s website. The office also maintains property sales information.


Monroe County Circuit Court Clerk

The Circuit Court Clerk prepares, records and maintains court documents for Circuit Court judges. The Clerk’s office also manages the court’s docket and traffic court, according to the Monroe County government’s website.

Judge of the Monroe Circuit Court

The Monroe Circuit Court has jurisdiction over every category of case that can be filed, from traffic violations and small claims to felonies, according to the Monroe County government’s website. The court is unified with nine divisions.

10th Judicial Circuit, No. 1

10th Judicial Circuit, No. 4

10th Judicial Circuit, No. 7


Prosecuting Attorney of Monroe County, 10th Judicial Circuit

The Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney represents the state of Indiana in criminal cases. The office receives reports from law enforcement agencies and files criminal charges if necessary. The Prosecuting Attorney also works with law enforcement to encourage crime prevention and public safety education, according to the Prosecuting Attorney’s website.

Christina Avery, Natalie Fitzgibbons, Marissa Meador and Emma Uber contributed reporting.


Each candidates' top priorities were compiled from campaign websites and campaign social media accounts.

Priorities were worded to best fit a variety of candidate positions. The IDS has provided links to candidate campaign websites or social media pages, where more specific information on individual candidates' positions can be found.

Priorities were listed for candidates for state office and sheriff, as these elections are highly contested. Candidates who fit this description without priorities listed did not have priority information available.

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