Indiana Collegiate Press Association Newspaper Division 2 Winners

Rank Newspaper Points
1st place The Shield, University of Southern Indiana 56 points
2nd place The Reflector, University of Indianapolis 43 points
3rd place The Butler Collegian, Butler University 23 points

Best Continuous Coverage of a Single Story

Coronavirus News Coverage

Judges' comments: “The most comprehensvie coverage of all entireis that provides students with the information they needed to navigate COVID-19. Well-wrritten coverage that hands down deserves the top spot in this category.”


Emotional impact of COVID-19 on Butler community

Judges' comments: “This package is a nice group of stories that offers insights into how COVID-19 is affecting life at Bulter. The school of education piece and the one on international students stood out in the articles submitted. Great job!”


COVID-19 Data Coverage

Judges' comments: “Good reporting on case numbers at the college. Group would have benefited from information students needed on changes happening due to the pandemic.”

Best Entertainment Column

More than an actor: Chadwick Boseman's impact on the Black community

Judges' comments: “Well thought-out piece looking back on how Boseman helped the Black community, and set an example for others. Plus his great career, that was cut too short, is well covered for those reading that were not already familiar with him.”


UIndy Entertainment Outlook: When to end a TV Show

Judges' comments: “This was a nice take on the controversy of the office, demonstrating how shows can go on too long.”


Podcasts can benefit students in a number of ways

Judges' comments: “As a daily podcast listener, I enjoyed reading this author's insights on what so many are missing.”

Best Entertainment Story

Ogle Center and theatre department transition to new model for COVID-19

Judges' comments: “The writer provides an overall picture of how the theater department is working to continue serving students through the pandemic.”


Dawg with a Vlog: Butler student goes viral on TikTok

Judges' comments: “This piece is really a great roadmap on how to become a TikTok influencer. Great job how this writer pulled it all together.”


Studio art major paints mural at Books & Brews South Indy

Judges' comments: “This was a great read.”

Best Feature Story

To stay or go: living as an international student during COVID-19

Judges' comments: “The writer did a great job of exploring the feelings of these international students on their tough decision: stay or go home because of COVID-19. The story provides the reader with the emotion behind the decisions these students had to make quickly.”


Behind the scenes, a team of ‘invisible’ staff keep campuses running

Judges' comments: “This feature does a great job of telling the story of an entire department that works in the background, and doesn't often get the recognition for all they do. With the onset of the pandemic, this story shows how their work got even more complicated.”


Black Lives Matter at Butler

Judges' comments: “A timely feature that provides a wealth of information for the Black students at Butler. The writer does an exceptional job of using the elements of good feature writing in this piece. Well done!”

Best In-Depth Story

Butler students report issues with dining services amid COVID-19, Bon Appétit addresses student feedback

Judges' comments: “This piece paints a troubling picture of students not getting what they deserve. Families pay to ensure their children are being properly-fed. The work of these writers show them there are big problems that need to be addressed. I hope the newspaper stays with this to ensure action is taken to correct it and students are not being fed moldy, rotten food.”


University records show IUS took no action against fraternities for hazing allegations spanning a decade

Judges' comments: “Glad to see the university finally responded to the newspaper's open records request, even though so much was redacted. It's great that the newspaper is taking on the college leadership because holding them accountable on this hazing issue is important. It could safe a life.”


Indiana facing a variety of domestic terrorism threats

Judges' comments: “Well reported piece loaded with information on an important issue facing the nation.”

Best News or Feature Series

My story series

Judges' comments: “Nice package that provides readers with the stories of others and a chance to see they are not alone in dealing with the challenges created by a pandemic.”


Student removed off campus due to Tourette syndrome

Judges' comments: “Good work by the writers on this group of stories. It would have been much stronger if they had talked with Pressler as part of the package.”

Best News Story

Butler University debuts next official live mascot, Blue IV

Judges' comments: “A wonderful story that is well-written making it an excellent read. It also let readers know that there is a lot that went into selecting Butler Blue IV.”


‘Murder Sheet’ podcast debuts with the 1970s Burger Chef homicide case

Judges' comments: “The writer did a great job of bringing this cold case back to life. Great advance for those who are interested in what they've learned and want to know more through the podcast.”


Administrators, students seek a more inclusive campus

Judges' comments: “A well-reported piece that explores what it sounds like is much needed bias response team.”

Best Opinion Column

The problem with police training in the U.S.

Judges' comments: “The writer does a good job of laying out the case for more de-escalation training for police. The piece also provides plenty of facts to back it up. Good job and great call to action.”


Coasting into chaos: The Butler Student Health and Safety plan

Judges' comments: “Writer provides the voices of many students to call out the school for not providing a solid action plan on how to maintain a safe enviroment for students at Butler.”


Bring your own hazmat suits: Jordan Hall disrepair causes illness in faculty

Judges' comments: “Well-researched column, packed with information.”

Best Review

Disney drama: Mulan live-action remake review

Judges' comments: “This review isn't just the opinion of its author, as it brings in the viewpoints of many in the Asain community. This one stands out above others because of the work the writer put into it, along with pulling it together to backup the analysis of this Mulan remake. I like that it also offers what could have made the picture better.”


BTS' ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ explores themes of individuality, personal growth

Judges' comments: “The colorful language in this piece creates a flow that makes readers feel as if they are listening to the new album.”


Derby Dinner Playhouse fires up audience with a “Disco Inferno,” dances the night away during its production of “Saturday Night Fever”

Judges' comments: “Groovy. This review makes me sad I didn't get to see this production. Good job.”

Best Sports Column

Being a student-athlete during the COVID-19 pandemic

Judges' comments: “Nice personal glimpse of the effect COVID-19 has had on those who lost their chance to compete and enjoy the fellowship of sports.”


Is UIndy's GLVC dominance an issue?

Judges' comments: “Interesting take on the situation that provides UIndy with dominance in the Top Dog battle. It would have been even a stronger piece with some insights into what is causing the imbalance in sports programs, along with action points that could fix the problem.”

Best Sports Feature Story

A life of basketball: Mickey and Shira Sasson's trip from Ashdod, Israel, to Indianapolis, Indiana

Judges' comments: “The author provides both a great feature on the sisters, while offering really newsy insight in their love of basketball.”


Little humbled by college success

Judges' comments: “Great read. Great feature using all elements of good feature writing.”


Former major leaguer Dave Collins brings over a decade of baseball wisdom to IU Southeast

Judges' comments: “This story is great because it was well-reported with an excellent interview. Great job!”

Best Sports News Story

Intramurals offer novel experiences

Judges' comments: “It's refreshing to see sports coverage, such as this story because it's not just game coverage. Well written and reported.”


Junior forward follows new path to field

Judges' comments: “A well-written newsy, but feature-like story.”


Cross Country prepares for GLVC meets during COVID-19

Judges' comments: “Story offers good coverage of the difficulties in playing sports during a pandemic.”

Best Staff Editorial

Upholding the fight against racism

Judges' comments: “This editorial does what a good editorial should. It offers insight and a call to action to take a stand to end racism. Well said.”


UIndy could have done more to protect campus

Judges' comments: “It's good to see this newspaper take a stand for students. The piece provides a good examples of where the school administraton fell short on COVID-19. Your newspaper is right to stand up and call on officials to do take steps to keep students from worrying about the virus instead of focusing on their education.”


Hey, IUS, please give us the hazing investigation records we requested

Judges' comments: “It's nice to see this newspaper use the power of an editorial to call out officials for not complying with their open records requests.”

Best Feature Photo

Faculty Artist Series

Judges' comments: “Nice shot of this violinist. Exposure is very good. It's too bad she is looking at her music because it would have been even better seeing her eyes. Masks pose problems capturing emotion.”


MLK Luncheon

Judges' comments: “Excellent work on the photo with Rice on the screen and the lighting balance to also get the speaker where both can equally be seen. This was no easy task. Great work!”


Exit Zero artist makes unlikely art at Falls of the Ohio

Judges' comments: “Photographer did a good job telling this story with the photo as Exit Zero finds another item for his artwork. It would have helped if there was more for him to pickup from that area in the shot. But I'm sure he is out there and keeps it cleaned up.”

Best News Photo

Protests in Downtown Indy

Judges' comments: “Photographer did a good job catching the action of cleanup following the protests.”


Dr. Angela Davis

Judges' comments: “Nice photos under the tough lighting conditions of this type of room.”

Best Photo Essay/Picture Story

USI basketball falls to conference rival

Judges' comments: “Photos were great with the emotion show and how action was captured without any blur from the motion. Nice mix of photos as well and page was well designed.”


The best places to study on campus

Judges' comments: “This is a nice grouping of photos showing the locations. It would have benefitted from more of them having students in them studying. This was a nice layout and eye-catching.”

Best Sports Photo

Late Grenadier comeback not enough against Golden Bears

Judges' comments: “This shot tells the story as players have their eyes on the ball and want to get their hands on it. Great job of catching this moment.”


Basketball player celebrates

Judges' comments: “Photographer here caught this player just at the right moment. The photo shows great emotion after what was either a great play or game.”


USI vs. Lewis

Judges' comments: “This photo freezes the action at the right moment as the USI player drives through as his opponent works to stop him. Nice job.”

Best Editorial Cartoon

Car Thefts Editorial Cartoon

Judges' comments: “The humor of this one tells the story. Nice artwork, as well.”

Best Feature Page

Life and Art: The Similar Sensibilities of Katie Waters and Matthew Graham

Judges' comments: “The moving photos selected for this double-truck layout makes this a clear winner. Nice clean layout. It makes you want to stop and read it!”


David L. Rice: Building A Foundation

Judges' comments: “A very nice tribute page layout for David Rice. Wonderful photo selection from his past works for USI. The timeline is a great idea because it gives a visual way to tell of his work for the university.”


Feb. 19, 2020 Feature Page

Judges' comments: “Excellent use of the MLK speech art in the background to support this article on Black History Month. It would have been stronger with photos of those featured in the story as well.”

Best Front Page

Homecoming Issue

Judges' comments: “Designed made this page stand out above others with great photo selecttion and typography. This one takes the standard homecoming to another level, because ususally they are simply show the winners standing and posing.”


Tidings of Screagles and Joy

Judges' comments: “This one shows that a good front page doesn't have to have photos. Good work assembling the letters here making making it so attractive to the eye.”


Feb. 19, 2020 Front Page

Judges' comments: “This designer made the page standout with use of white space. All too often, people belive that if they have space that they have to use it. This works! Great job.”

Best Illustration

University records show IUS took no action against fraternities for hazing allegations spanning a decade

Judges' comments: “The illustrations with this hazing piece make this clearly the top pick in this category filled with great work by artist. The illustrator clearly met with the editor and they set out a great plan to add compeling visuals to help tell an important story.”


Part-time job illustration

Judges' comments: “The illustrator here is also an excellent storyteller. The reader will understand what they are reading before they even start doing so.”


Hey, IUS, please give us the hazing investigation records we requested

Judges' comments: “Clean, simple, straighforward illustration that is right on target. Readers will easily get the point that the staff needs its request fulfilled, drawing them next to the details in the editorial.”

Best Informational Graphic

Resource Roadmap

Judges' comments: “This is a creative and effective way of telling a story graphically. Nice idea to make a roadmap with points allowing the artist to tell about resources. This is a great service to students and a attractive reference tool.”


COVID-19 Resources for UIndy Students

Judges' comments: “Easy to read, attractive graphic that does its job conveying the information students need on COVID-19.”


UIndy vs. COVID-19 PSA

Judges' comments: “Great use of color and graphics to support the information in this graphic.”

Best Overall Design

Oct. 21, 2020 Issue

Judges' comments: “Everything about this issue stands out. It offers readers great design and artwork is mixed with a good story mix, great sports and a voting guide to help students through their first time selecting a president. Excellent work.”


PNW Pioneer Oct. 28, 2020 issue

Judges' comments: “Loads of photos with many faces from the campus mix with its strong editorial content contribute to its award-winning design.”


Volume 52 Issue 1

Judges' comments: “The design work on this first issue of the year provides a great beginning for 2020. The tab-size provides many challenges to achieve great design and the staff make very good choices throughout to create an attactive, easy-to-read newspaper as students returned to campus.”

Best Single Issue

Feb. 19, 2020 Issue

Judges' comments: “Clean, easy to read designed, packed with a multitude of stories, excellent photos and graphics and creative extras put this entry in first place. The staff did a great job here serving their readership.”


Honor the Fallen

Judges' comments: “Very good content and photos pull this paper together into an easy-to-read package. Great work.”

Best Special Issue

Tidings of Screagles and Joy

Judges' comments: “This issue brings together creative layout and artwork that does make special. The graphics on the front and inside are well-done and do what they are supposed to do — help convey the story to the reader.”

Best Special Section Front/Cover

David L. Rice Cover

Judges' comments: “Just because color is available, doesn't mean it has to be used. The designer here used the black and white artwork to bring this news to readers. The cover offers a wonderful memorial type of rememberance for someone who was clearly special to the university.”


Honor The Fallen

Judges' comments: “Designer made excellent use of graphics for this cover. Having less of the faces of the indviduals pictured in the display would have greatly strenghten the entry.”

Best Sports Page

Junior Forward Follows New Path

Judges' comments: “This page standout with the work and thought that went into the design. Great job with knocking out the background on the player photo, along with its placement.”


Grenadiers looking to start a new decade right

Judges' comments: “The use of photos and having a two-page spread for this page makes it a compeling sports page. Great choice of pictures and its nice to see larger size art. The only drawback is placement of the pull-out quote because its location interups the flow for the reader.”


Feb. 5, 2020 Sports Page

Judges' comments: “A very nice graphic and a fabulous photo give this page the look it needs to be amont the top in this year's competition. Finding a way to breakup all the gray at the bottom would have strengthed its appearance.”

Best Themed Issue

David L. Rice Memorial Issue

Judges' comments: “This entry, even though it was the only one in the category, earned a first place. It clearly took thought, hard work and a great design team to bring it into an excellent package honoring David Rice.”